Life as a junior fabricator for M-Sport

Selina Corfield was already making parts for WRC2 cars when on a work placement


A crucial joint in the fabrication team, Selina Corfield joined M-Sport in August 2022 as a junior fabricator after studying the craft at college.

Her days are spent working on welding parts for our Fiesta Rally2s, and she finds great satisfaction in seeing the completed cars head out to compete on the world stages – and to her relief, mostly come back in one piece!

Selina learnt the basics of fabrication at college after being given the choice between that and joinery; off the back of two years of engineering (which included a small bit of fabrication work that she hated at the time!), she found her way back to the trade that’s ended up being her calling.

Since joining M-Sport, she has expanded her skills by working under the careful eye of John Shervington, who she has come to greatly admire and whose expertise she hopes one day to emulate.


Her learning started on day one, as she was set to work rebuilding differential guards for Jari Huttunen’s Rally2 car he would drive in Ypres, while on her work trial! She hopes to have the opportunity to test her skills out on a rally sometime in the future.

She loves the precision of her work and finding creative and methodical ways to complete a nice, clean weld. Always thinking one-step ahead of every fold and bond, Selina uses her engineering brain and strategical analysis to find the most efficient ways to achieve (literally) strong results.

She’s a key part of the team, collaborating with the other fabricators to problem solve and get the jobs done to support the core of M-Sport’s cars in action.


“I think the most exciting bit is that you can be sat at a bench welding something one day, and then a few weeks later it goes on a car that’s competing on a rally,” she said.

“The best part is knowing and seeing where it goes and see the work you’ve done, we can see the cars on the track just outside, and hopefully everything holds!

“It’s really rewarding to see it all come together.”