McKlein gallery: The best images from Monte Carlo Rally

No spectators buts lots of snow gave the Monte a changed look for 2021 - and one which photographers loved


To actually have a Monte Carlo Rally to photograph this year was itself a creative masterpiece.

The FIA, ACM and WRC Promoter worked hard to ensure the season opener ran, and it ran successfully too. However, controlling the weather conditions is a task too far, even for this triumvirate. Fortunately, the weather gods rewarded their efforts, delivering a near-perfect* winter to the Hautes-Alpes.

With a mix of snow, ice, rain and even some sunshine, everything was in place for photographers’ creativity to flourish. With no fans, the empty stages felt slightly odd, but this necessity actually brought some advantages. We had easy access, none of the usual hassle with Gendarmes (France’s paramilitary police) and more on-stage freedom to do our job safely.

The 2021 Monte was a rally that McKlein will remember for a long time and I honestly believe that many of our images will age well through the test of time. Future archive gold.

Enjoy our pick of the 10 best images from the 2021 Monte Carlo Rally.

*a state of contentment, forever illusive to any photographer