Moncet: Finland win proves I deserve job full time

Hyundai would benefit from stability, and Julien Moncet thinks he can provide that in the long term

2022FINLAND_FD_ 306

Hyundai deputy team director Julien Moncet believes his team’s Rally Finland result demonstrates why he should be the man to lead the time full-time.

There’s no denying that the start to life in the Rally1 era has been a difficult one for Hyundai.

With team principal Andrea Adamo leaving last December and a car that was ready for this year’s World Rally Championship season far too late, the team has permanently been on the back foot – not to mention the reliability issues that plagued the squad early on in the year.

It seemed every disaster was destined to head in Hyundai’s way. But now, with a Finland victory under its belt, its second victory in four events, things are starting to look up.


Of course, the car does still need developing so it’s an easier one to drive, but it’s had no reliability issues for the last two rallies and the tide does appear to be turning.

So does this mean that Moncet is now deserving of the leadership role full-time? He seems to think so.

“Well for sure we have shown the team that even with the difficulties we are facing at the start of the season, we can compete at the top level,” Moncet explained to DirtFish.

“It has been very difficult at the beginning, but as I said, we are still here and we have shown some strong results.

“We had quite some podiums, two wins now.

“So now it’s maybe time to look forward to the future and prepare already for 2023 now.”


Before this season’s Monte Carlo Rally, Moncet had limited experience in a team leadership role as he was drafted in from his position as Hyundai’s powertrain manager.

But when David Evans put to Moncet that there was nothing more that he could really do to sell his credentials to the senior management at Hyundai, Moncet was quick to respond with a quip.

“Yeah, I agree with you! Now it’s up to my top management to listen to you too!”