Neuville: Hyundai team boss decision influences Tänak’s future

Neuville isn't convinced his team-mate won't be competing next year


There’s been one big question lingering since the infamous team orders saga at Acropolis Rally Greece: Will Ott Tanak remain with Hyundai in the World Rally Championship next year?

Morale in the Hyundai camp hasn’t exactly been at the optimum level this year, with both Tänak and Thierry Neuville criticizing the team’s management at various points throughout the season.

And in Tänak’s case, he went as far as to say that current deputy team principal Julien Moncet should not get the team principal role full-time.

Those comments naturally sparked further questions regarding Tänak’s future at Hyundai and in the lead-up to New Zealand, he also hinted that there’s a chance he may not participate in the championship at all next year.

But Neuville isn’t so sure that’s really the case. He thinks there’s still a chance his team-mate could stay at Hyundai – it just all depends on who’s leading the team.

“I guess that, first of all, I don’t think that Ott is retiring that quickly,” Neuville said to DirtFish in response to being asked about Tänak taking a year out.

“I knew he had a bit of a difficult time also at home but I guess the reason the results gave him the motivation he needs.

“And I guess that he’s like everybody, waiting the news to who will be leading our team in the future and so on.

“So I think this will play a big part in his decision as well, to stay or to stop or whatever.”


So who could stop Tänak from walking away from Hyundai? Neuville doesn’t have the answer to that, although he does know the qualities that individual will need to possess.

“I don’t know. Who should lead the team? The person, the people capable of doing what we need at the moment.

“So what we need is to get the people to work together and pull on the same side of the rope.”