Ogier: It’s time for a WRC rethink

French WRC legend Sébastien Ogier feels there's work to do in WRC


Sébastien Ogier has spoken passionately about the need for change and a rethink in the World Rally Championship.

The eight-time title winner’s comments follow criticism from rival Thierry Neuville, with the Belgian calling for action ahead of last month’s Rally of Portugal.

Ogier told DirtFish: “There are quite a lot of things in our rules which make not so much sense.

“It’s the way it is. I think everybody now, more and more, has agreed to see that the whole WRC need a deep rethink because everything is going down. Thierry has said it… nobody cares anymore about WRC and it’s a long time that I choose family against rally, but also because the title in rally doesn’t mean much for me anymore and it’s just… there is many reasons to that.”

The FIA has opened channels of discussion with the drivers – vice-president of the FIA’s Drivers’ Commission Petter Solberg held a meeting with the crews ahead of Rally Italy on Monday.

Ogier attended the meeting and offered positive feedback from Monday. He is also expected at a follow-up virtual meeting with WRC Promoter on Wednesday. The Frenchman talked of the potential which remained within the WRC.

“We need to do something to make it better,” he added. “The potential is there.

“There is many fans who love the sport, but there’s many aspects that disappoint people now and, to be honest, for example now we spend our weekend going to the stewards for stupid reasons when a lot of attention would be needed on important things.”

Words:David Evans