Podcast: Inside Mitsubishi’s most dramatic title win

We look back at the legendary 1998 WRC finale with a man who was at the center of the roller coaster action

981122GB Makinen 01

Remember the story of Rally of Great Britain 1998?

Tommi Mäkinen and Mitsubishi arrived with a two-point lead over Toyota’s Carlos Sainz in the World Rally Championship title battle… but then a controversial altercation with a concrete block (a shunt in which a Hillman Imp played a role) cost Mäkinen’s car its right-rear wheel and seemingly cost him a third straight championship.

Derek Dauncey was Mitsubishi Ralliart’s man in the middle of this crisis – and the unforgettable roller coaster that followed. In our latest podcast, he relives it all.

But this is just the first half of a fascinating story. Next week, Colin Clark talks to then Toyota team manager George Donaldson about the disappointment that led Sainz’s co-driver Luis Moya to find a new way of putting his crash helmet back in the car…