Podcast: listener Q&A special, part one

In the first of a two-part special, we answer your questions on the latest SPIN, The Rally Pod

Ott Tänak

You asked the questions, and now we’re providing the answers!

To celebrate the end of another exciting year in the World Rally Championship, we decided to host our first ever SPIN, The Rally Pod listener special.

And after so many of you got in touch across our social channels, we assembled a DirtFish panel of experts – David Evans, Colin Clark, George Donaldson and host James Bowen – to give their takes on the topics you want to know more about.

That includes everything from the future of the WRC and the team’s favorite rallies, to previously untold stories about Group S regulations and even the possibility of using helicopters instead of route note crews…

So sit back and enjoy as the DirtFish team answer your questions on part one of our SPIN, The Rally Pod listener special, and don’t forget to check back soon for part two!