Podcast: Ogier’s champion years

In part two of our Ogier podcast special, we reminisce about his incredible success at VW and M-Sport

Sébastien Ogier VW WRC Rally France 2013

We’d planned to get through Sébastien Ogier’s whole career in just one podcast, but Colin Clark, George Donaldson and David Evans had so much to say about the great Frenchman that we’ve had to spread it over two.

So after hearing the DirtFish gang’s thoughts on Ogier’s rise to fame last week, now it’s time to share our memories of his championship-winning years.

We look back on his move to Volkswagen and the huge success that followed, the differing perceptions of that all-conquering team from in the inside and outside, and also the times when relationships in the team became strained.

And when VW abruptly quit the WRC, it was on to M-Sport and an even more extraordinary story.