Podcast: The WRC’s longest journey home

It's 10 years since the ash cloud crisis gave the WRC fraternity a huge headache

WRC Rally Turkey 2010

How many Haribo does it take to make a bus ride from Asia to England? Tune in and find out. Except you won’t, the boys lost count of how many bags they ate returning from Istanbul and the 2010 Rally Turkey.

Ten years ago, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in Iceland caused air travel chaos across the world – just as the World Rally Championship field was in action in Turkey, a long way from their home bases.

Colin Clark and David Evans will never forget the consequent three nights and four days travelling through Turkey, Romania, Austria, Slovakia (it might have been Serbia, they’re not sure…), possibly Czech Republic, almost certainly Hungary, a bit of Germany, a touch of France and, oddly, even a bit of Belgium.

A decade on and George Donaldson is still enjoying the fact he didn’t go to the event and watched the madness unfold from the comfort of a packet of his favourite crisps (that might be chips, depending which side of the Pond you’re reading this).

Lisa O’Sullivan presides brilliantly over painful – and occasionally amusing – memories of the non-party bus home from round four of the 2010 WRC. (There’s even the odd sneaky story from the party bus).