Podcast: What now for Hyundai after Adamo exit?

David Evans and Colin Clark reflect on Andrea Adamo's impact on the World Rally Championship and where Hyundai goes from now


It’s the end of an era, in more than one way.

First it was the popular World Rally Car, and now perhaps one of the most charismatic team bosses the World Rally Championship has seen – Andrea Adamo – will be absent from January’s 2022 season opener.

The news that Adamo would stand down from his role as Hyundai team principal with immediate effect took us all by surprise.

But one thing is for sure: the outspoken, brutal, prickly at times and above all, charismatic Italian will not be forgotten for a long time.

Plenty of questions still remain. Where now for Adamo? Where now for Hyundai?

While a temporary replacement for Adamo – in Scott Noh – has been found, the long-term future remains a mystery.

This special (snap) episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod dissects the fallout from this week’s rallying bombshell while also reflecting on the kind of impact and influence Adamo had on the WRC during his tenure as team boss.