Podcast: What’s in store for 2024

David Evans and Colin Clark have got the crystal ball out for the latest SPIN, The Rally Pod

Carlos Sainz & Lucas Cruz

The new year is upon us, and there’s a lot to look forward to in the world of rallying.

From new faces and new places in the World Rally Championship, to classic events and old rivalries, there will certainly be no shortage of storylines in 2024.

So to kick off another year on SPIN, The Rally Pod, David Evans joins Colin Clark for a chat about what’s coming up in the world of rallying, and the pair share their thoughts on how the year’s key plots might play out.

Plus, there’s even time for a few behind-the-scenes stories about David’s engagement with the FIA over the off-season, and Colin’s meticulous preparation for his upcoming Dakar adventure.

If you’re looking for your fix of rallying chatter after the festive season, then we’ve got you covered on this week’s pod!