Podcast: Will Rally Spain without gravel be as interesting?

The podcast team also discusses pre-event favorites and the intensifying WRC title battle


The asphalt vs gravel debate is one that often sparks fury among the rallying community. Which surface is more spectacular.

Rally Spain has long since appealed to everyone though with its mixed-surface format catering to both the gravel and the asphalt fans. Not in 2021. For the first time in 12 years the rally will be held exclusively on asphalt, so what effect will that have on the spectacle?

That’s the key question at the heart of this week’s SPIN, The Rally Pod. Join David Evans, Colin Clark, George Donaldson and host Lisa O’Sullivan as they look ahead to Rally Spain, examine who might be favorite for victory and indeed the 2021 world title.

There’s also a comprehensive look at the support classes – including an anecdote about how Clark made Teemu Suninen cry –  and a brief check-in with the Extreme E series with the confirmation that the final round of the inaugural season will be hosted in the UK.

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