Rally Estonia Sunday stage guide

A new stage and a tricky part-gravel, part-rallycross test are just two of the challenges facing crews on the final day


Rally Estonia is nearing its climax, but there are still six challenging stages to tackle before the winners across the classes and overall will be crowned.

Sean Johnston has been our guide for our stage descriptions this weekend, but for Sunday’s action we switched tact to the co-driver’s seat and got Alex Kihurani’s take on the final three repeated stages.

Johnston and Kihurani won’t be out there themselves though, currently resting up after a high-speed roll on Friday, but thankfully they’re both OK despite some bruising.

Here’s what lies ahead on Sunday of Rally Estonia.


SS19/22 Neeruti (4.86 miles)

Despite being under 4.86 miles, Neeruti still packs a big punch. It’s a completely new stage, and it will be a tough wakeup call on Sunday morning. The first half is relentless with several jumps into corners on a narrow road. A left turn onto a wide main road gives a sigh of relief in the middle of the stage before a twisty, technical final mile or so to finish.

SS20/23 Elva (7.28 miles)

The only exactly repeated stage from last year. It’s a really fast, flowing stage with some fun, flat out jumps a few miles in. The middle section is narrow through some villages and a bit more technical before turning onto the famous rallycross track that has been replicated in the WRC10 game. A hairpin right to exit the track takes us to a final straight down the hill and a tightening left around the finish.

SS21/24 Tartu Vald (4.04 miles)

The powerstage is probably the least representative of the rally. It’s a flat, rally-sprint style stage going on and off the concrete and back onto dirt through the industrial area. It’s twisty and tight with boulders keeping the integrity of the road. The last mile is the same as the superspecial stage, SS1/18 Tartu.