Rally Italy: Sunday stage guide

Two stages are repeated twice on the final day of a thrilling Sardinian event


Two days down, one to go. The final day of Rally Italy takes the crews to the north of Sardinia – an area not often traveled to for the rally.

It means the final day is a largely unknown quantity for all, with the famous Sassari – Argentiera powerstage that runs along the beachfront at the end not featuring on the itinerary for the first time in a number of years.

Here’s what lies in store instead.

SS17/19 Arzachena – Braniatogghiu (9.48 miles)

Unused in any fashion since 2009, Sunday’s opener is another technical stage but a little wider than most of the other stages used in 2021. Busy at the start, the test simplifies as the drivers work their way through but becomes technical again as it descends to finish next to a river.

SS18/20 Aglientu – Santa Teresa (4.85 miles)

A completely new stage to Rally Italy that will be the event’s powerstage the second time through. And although it is the shortest stage of the weekend, it certainly won’t be easy with no WRC+ onboards or previous data for the drivers to work from. The middle section is quite technical but the test starts and finishes at high speed, so should provide a thrilling conclusion to the rally.