Rally1 to remain until end of 2026

DirtFish sources have confirmed the current cars will stay in place for two more years


Rally1 cars will remain at the forefront of the World Rally Championship until the end of 2026, providing the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council agrees on June 11.

DirtFish has seen documents which confirm the current regulations will remain in play for the next two years – but there will be a significant shift in the sporting regulations to encourage manufacturers to run more frontline factory cars in the series from the start of next season.

As reported by DirtFish earlier this month, the dossier for the June 11 meeting was completed by the WRC Commission a month out – and that document contains a framework for the continuation of hybrid-powered Rally1 machinery through 2025 and 2026.


The cars may be staying the same for now, but new sporting regulations are expected to try to encourage larger entries

Additionally, the points system for manufacturer-scoring cars will be tweaked to allow the top two or three cars entered by a manufacturer to take points. Currently, the teams nominate three cars for points, that will be scrapped to empower and encourage the use of more drivers and more cars.

One stakeholder source told DirtFish: “Ultimately, the decision is the sensible one. I think the FIA can see that significant change is not sensible six or seven months out [from the start of a new season].

“The [WRC] Working Group was tasked with exploring change for the medium and long-term in the WRC. In fairness to the FIA, to Robert [Reid] and to David Richards, that was done. Avenues were explored – the teams said they wanted action and action was put on the table. The teams don’t want that change and it’s sensible all around to be respectful of that.

“The change in points structure makes sense, it’s an easy way to encourage more [Rally1] cars into the service park. I think there’s probably frustration from the [WRC Working] Group, but one of the key points that seems to have been lost in all of this is the work, the potential framework which has been provided for 2027. People have become so focused on next year, they’ve missed the real story which is the variety of options and potential manufacturer engagement in 2027.

“EV (Electric Vehicle), ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) with sustainable fuel, hydrogen, and possible mix of all of the above via balance of performance… everything is on the table. We know Alpine wanted EV for the WRC, but we know Subaru might not be so keen – this resolution potentially offers opportunity across the board.”

DirtFish understands the 2027 regulations, which will be based on the retention of the current Rally1 safety cell chassis, will be coming quickly, with further investigation in the coming weeks.

Toyota, Hyundai and M-Sport Ford had collectively written to the FIA seeking an extension of the current regulations. From the start of the season the WRC Promoter had been pushing for stability which it felt meant retaining Rally1 in its current guise until at least the end of 2025.

DirtFish has sought comment from both the FIA and WRC Promoter.