Sainz thanking “heroes” of COVID-19 fight on social media

Double WRC champion's gesture in lieu of being able to join mass applause for health workers

Carlos Sainz

Through the ongoing coronavirus crisis, two-time World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz is thanking healthcare workers – people he has described as ‘real heroes’ – on a daily basis on his social media accounts.

Spain has been one of the European countries hit hardest by the virus and the population was one of the first to take to its balconies each evening to applaud health workers.

Not living in a city has made it difficult for this year’s Dakar winner to participate, which is why he wanted to start doing it on social media.

Monday’s message from Sainz’s Twitter account read: “One more day I want to join the daily recognition that all the health services of this country, doctors, nurses, warders, etc. deserve. This is my tweet to remember and honor his titanic effort.”

Sainz told DirtFish how important these messages were to him.

“We have 15,000, now maybe more, doctors and nurses and people who are working in the hospitals who got infected with this disease,” said Sainz. “They are working in really poor conditions, but they are doing the most fantastic job and we need to remember this.

“We don’t have a balcony to go and stand on, so I wanted to do what I could – this is why I started the messages. I want to make a message every day at the time everybody is standing and clapping.

“We are all at home and staying at home, but these people are going to work and they are not so well protected. The government didn’t anticipate enough, so the [health] workers are not getting so much protection, we don’t have enough ventilators.

“I want to remember everybody out there and doing these jobs, all these people working in hospitals. They are fantastic, they are the real heroes and I want to make a small recognition for this.”

Words:David Evans