Should Tänak’s engine penalty prompt change?

Join Colin Clark and David Evans for the Rally Estonia review edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod


Kalle Rovanperä was utterly supreme on Rally Estonia – so supreme that he shifted the focus from enjoying a competition to just having to appreciate his level of authority.

But he knew he would’ve been challenged hard by home hero Ott Tänak. He said as much at the end of the powerstage, just as he’d secured victory.

Where could Tänak have been without that five-minute penalty for an engine change? And perhaps more pertinently, can the World Rally Championship learn anything from what happened?

As you’d might expect, Colin Clark and David Evans engage in a passionate discussion when addressing this topic on SPIN, The Rally Pod.

We won’t spoil any of it for you! To listen in full, just hit play and enjoy a full episode dissecting all the major talking points from this year’s Rally Estonia.