The one making sure M-Sport runs like clockwork

Céline Guès manages the sporting and regulatory elements of M-Sport


Céline Guès manages the sporting and regulatory elements of M-Sport’s World Rally Team on a daily basis. From filling out entry forms, ensuring everything is up to code, right to when the cars go over the finishing ramp, Céline controls it all.

Beginning her rally career in 2006, Céline is one of the most experienced members of our team. Initially working in customer competitor relations, she expanded her skill-set to include team logistics and travel management and eventually sporting regulations, and has worked for manufacturers including Renault, Hyundai and Citroën.

Achieving her dream job when coming into the sporting co-ordinator role at M-Sport, Céline works on everything that relates to what happens on a rally. An intermediary between other teams, the FIA and the WRC Promoter, Céline helps advise on itineraries, logistics and event regulations. She prepares schedules for the team ahead of an event, oversees the rally reconnaissance and supports with service park management.


Always amidst the action, once the rally starts Céline works closely with the co-drivers to re-assure them of the rally rules, particularly with new regulations regarding the hybrid systems and electric vehicle (EV) requirements.

She follows the cars through the stages via their trackers, oversees their service and time control check-in times, anticipates problems and is always ready with a solution. She ensures everything stays on schedule, managing timecards for co-drivers; after the crews themselves, Céline is one of most important elements of keeping everything on track!

“I just love the feeling when you’re on a rally, you’re under pressure from co-drivers and team members and everyone’s relying on you to answer quickly and get things sorted,” she said.

“That’s the best part for me; most of the work is done but the demand is very high, it’s the time to be reactive and I enjoy the fast-paced nature of it all.”