The signs Breen was overlooking Raven’s Rock Rally

Everywhere, the number 42 shot to prominence last weekend as David Evans explains on SPIN, The Rally Pod

Mike Chen Ravens Rock 4 2023 pic Conor Edwards (1 of 1)

Certain numbers mean a great deal to us as World Rally Championship fans.

Try 555 for example. Or 037.

But following the tragic loss of Craig Breen earlier this year, 42 now means a great deal more than it ever used to. Nowhere was that more evident than last weekend.

Breen’s close friends Mike Chen and Sean Hassett were competing on Craig’s local event, Raven’s Rock Rally, on Sunday in Andy Fanning’s Škoda Fabia S2500 – covered in some of Craig’s funniest and most famous quotes.

An emotional weekend was guaranteed, where Breen’s presence was inescapable.

Mike Chen Ravens Rock 3 2023 pic Conor Edwards (1 of 1)

David Evans experienced it first-hand where the number 42 was everywhere, as he explained on SPIN, The Rally Pod.

“Whether or not you believe in these things, Craig competed under the number 42,” he said.

“Eliot Barnard, our cameraman, left from gate 42. Josh Moffett, it was his 42nd career win – he won by 42 seconds.

“When the boys left service first thing Sunday morning, the first marshal to initial their card – their initials were CB.

“These things just kept on coming, it was an amazing day on Sunday. We were just privileged to be there.”

There’s more to come from the Raven’s Rock Rally on both and the DirtFish YouTube channel.

But for now check out this week’s podcast for more of David’s thoughts – plus analysis on Jari-Matti Latvala’s Rally1 drive, our opinions on whether Rally1 cars should be allowed Safari-specific modifications, and a look ahead to this weekend’s Royal Rally of Scandinavia.