Toyota’s new car that’s a lottery to own

The GR Corolla RZ - and the even rarer Morizo Edition - take exclusivity to the extreme


It’s a lottery. No seriously, it’s a lottery. If you live in Japan and you want one of the most sought after road cars in motorsport, it’s a lottery.

What are we talking about? The all-new Toyota, obviously. And no, not the GR Yaris Rally2 concept car. It’s the GR Corolla RZ.

Unveiled on June 1, Toyota Gazoo Racing announced the car would be on sale at Toyota dealers throughout Japan. COVID and supply chain complications stepped in and the result is an online lottery.

If you’re all-in for one of the hottest Toyota’s to land on the road in years, at least since the GR Yaris, then you have to join an online lottery in an effort to ‘win’ the chance to buy one of 500 cars.


And that’s not even the biggest role of the dice. If you’re feeling really lucky, thrown your name into the hat for one of 70 GR Corolla Morizo Editions.

Morizo is, of course, the name Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda goes rallying by. Which gives this already very special car, just that bit more edge and appeal.

The GR Corolla Morizo Edition is a two-seater with an enhanced driving appeal. Shooting for one of these means lodging your entry at one of the GR Garages through Japan before December 18. Online, you’ve got one more day for the GR Corolla RZ.

It’s enough to make you want to move to Japan.

Words:David Evans