Video: Fourmaux’s frantic roadside repair

Colin Clark watched the M-Sport driver change a steering arm and remove a driveshaft

World Rally Championship drivers are a resourceful bunch. Adrien Fourmaux and Alexandre Coria had to prove it this Saturday afternoon on Rally Spain after a mistake forced them to conduct emergency road section repairs.

The M-Sport crew had been sixth overall heading onto SS11 before Fourmaux kissed a protective Armco barrier on a particularly narrow section of Querol – Les Pobles, damaging the front-left corner of their Ford Fiesta WRC.

After losing eight minutes Fourmaux got it to the end of the stage but pulled up on the way to SS12 to mend his car. Incredibly he removed the driveshaft and changed a steering arm, enabling him to continue on his way albeit at reduced pace.

Colin Clark was at the scene as Fourmaux and Coria worked frantically to restore their car to as full a bill of health as possible.