Video: Inside the team that won WRC 1995’s famous finish

Subaru World Rally Team's key names recall the weekend they were crowned best in the world on the RAC Rally

The story of the 1995 RAC Rally is brilliantly told by the team at the very heart of the battle between a Scotsman and a Spaniard.

DirtFish puts the then-Subaru World Rally Team under the microscope to deliver a superbly detailed account of the climax to one of the World Rally Championship’s most thrilling seasons ever.

Team principal David Richards is joined in front of the camera by the man who made Subaru’s Impreza 555, David Lapworth, and the men who kept Colin on the straight and narrow, his mate and car chief Alan McGuinness and technician Charlie Dodd.

Tales are told, secrets – like exactly how Colin wound himself up for the biggest day of his life – are revealed.

Join DirtFish’s Colin Clark and David Evans on a look back at a rally that created a legend.


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