What it takes to keep M-Sport on track

Lenka Doggett has become an invaluable team member thanks to her can do attitude

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As a member of M-Sport’s busy finance team, Lenka Doggett is responsible for the financial, administrative and clerical support of the company. Coordinating business spending whilst keeping track of company purchases, she supports the smooth and continued running of the team.

Lenka is the epitome of a hardworking team member and learnt her trade whilst in employment. Moving to the UK from Slovakia, she started work as an archivist for Renault UK; and progressed through the company with her can do attitude – ultimately becoming purchase ledger for three of the manufacturer’s biggest UK branches.

Always putting a lot of care and effort into whatever she does, Lenka has many strings to her bow and gained a number of skills through a variety of different jobs, but it’s in finance where her highly organized and patient demeanor truly excels.

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With a passion for numbers, she finds job satisfaction in problem solving and seeing a task through to completion. As for the future, Lenka has found her home as part of the M-Sport family and plans to remain a valued member of our team for many years to come.

“I have done so many different things and achieved so much to be proud of in my life; and I can tell you honestly that I have found my home and that I plan to be with M-Sport until the day I retire,” she said.

“I moved to another country, learnt a different language, found a job I enjoy and am trusted to do that job well.

“When we first moved to Cumbria my husband said that M-Sport would be the perfect place for me, and he was completely right.”