What to expect from this year’s Monte Carlo Rally

It's all things Monte Carlo on this week's edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod

Takamoto Katsuta

We’ve been waiting an age. Well at least it feels like it, even if the calendar tells us otherwise. But in just a few days time the World Rally Championship gets back underway in Monte Carlo.

So, who’s the favorite? What can we expect from this year’s rally? How will the new world champion approach it?

Join Lisa O’Sullivan, David Evans and George Donaldson for a full Monte Carlo preview on SPIN, The Rally Pod.

But beyond the rally itself, the team also discuss what Cyril Abiteboul needs to be doing at Hyundai straight out of the box, and David Evans teases what you can expect from DirtFish’s WRC coverage in 2023.

So sit back, relax and spend your lunch break getting yourself ready for another epic WRC season.