Who should partner Neuville at Hyundai next year?

In this week's SPIN, The Rally Pod, the team analyzes the complex nature of Hyundai's impending decisions


Hyundai Motorsport faces a difficult decision ahead of the 2023 World Rally Championship. We know it now won’t have Ott Tänak as part of its driver lineup, but who else should it turn to?

Several names have already been linked (some more seriously than others), but what would we do if we were in charge of Hyundai? Who would we pick to partner Thierry Neuville?

That’s the key question David Evans, Colin Clark and George Donaldson attempt to answer on this week’s SPIN, The Rally Pod. But, as Clark is keen to stress, perhaps the bigger question is which strategy Hyundai wants to adopt rather than simply which drivers it wants to employ – and indeed who will be making that call with no permanent team principal in charge.

It’s not all about Hyundai, or indeed Rally1, though. With the exciting news that Toyota’s long-awaited Rally2 car will make its first public appearance at Rally Japan and Škoda new Fabia RS will make its competitive debut in Germany this weekend, there’s plenty to discuss in the Rally2 class too. And Evans is keen to get some things off his chest about a vacation that went rather wrong…

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