Why the McRae family is selling three of Colin’s cars

The family wants to see the cars being used rather than gathering dust in a garage


They’re the cars that helped make a hero. That created a legend. That shaped Colin McRae. And now, they could be yours.

The family has decided to sell the Chrysler Sunbeam Ti, the first rally car the 1995 world champion owned; the Subaru Legacy RS he used to clinch a second British title and finally the ‘dream’ Ford Escort Mk2 he created in 2005.

The three cars will be auctioned at the Silverstone Festival in August this year.

Colin’s wife Alison told DirtFish: “My decision to send three of Colin’s cars to auction wasn’t an easy one. For years we have maintained them and taken them to displays and events around the country, but the reality is they are locked away for most of the time – when they should be out being admired and loved by his fans.

“It gives others a chance to share in his story.

“After discussions with Hollie, Jim and Alister we decided to let Colin’s Sunbeam, Legacy and Escort go to new homes.”


Five-time British Rally champion Jimmy McRae added: “Hearing that Subaru fire up is something special. It’s something that always puts a smile on your face and it always will. Alison’s right, these cars need to get the appreciation they deserve. It would be fantastic to see the three of them going into a showroom where fans can go and take a look at them.

“They’re all special in their own right and they all had a big part to play in Colin’s career and his love for the sport.”

Full details of the auction are available here.

DirtFish will tell the story of the three cars in the coming weeks.

Words:David Evans