Why there’s no DirtFish Live Center this week

We're tweaking the delivery of our up-to-the-minute coverage and targeting Rally Portugal for something even better

2024CROATIA_FD_ 005

DirtFish has a clear mission: we want to tell the whole world about rallying and drive engagement at every level. That ranges from reaching out to you, the dedicated fan reading this, to those yet to discover the wonders of living life sideways.

Covering the World Rally Championship is a core pillar of that mission. For many – this writer included – it’s what indoctrinated them in the first place. We pride ourselves on both the breadth and depth of our coverage of the sport and the series, but above all of that, we strive for relevant, entertaining engagement.

We want to cultivate a strong rally culture for everyone to participate in. That means tweaking the delivery of our up-to-the-minute coverage. We’ve made the decision to pause DirtFish Live Center: we’re changing with the times and reacting to how audiences discover and engage with rallying.

Throughout this week’s Olympus and Croatia Rallies, DirtFish will still be generating wall-to-wall coverage across all our digital platforms – here on the website and on our social media channels.

We know one of the key upsides to DLC was the ability to engage directly with our up-to-the-minute live coverage, acting as a community hub for dedicated rally fans across the globe. Don’t worry, though – this won’t be gone for long. We’re working on something even better with the aim of a Rally Portugal roll-out; we’re playing all of our homologation jokers to bring you an exceptional evolution of DirtFish Live – a place where you’ll be able to get live updates while also engaging with DirtFish and your fellow rally fans as the event happens.

Stay tuned. We’ve got plenty to come from Croatia and Washington – and some very shiny new parts for the future.

Words:Alasdair Lindsay