Why WRC’s golden chance for female talent matters

The announcement of a supported Junior WRC drive is just the chance that talented women need, Josie Rimmer says


Women have always been at the forefront of Motorsport.

Maybe not in the limelight, but they’re there. Making sure the sport runs, making sure the strategy is set, making sure the engine is running seamlessly.

And now, the WRC is making space for the drivers who haven’t yet been given the opportunity to sit behind the wheel.

There is not a doubt in my mind that you will see a female WRC champion once again. Twice. Three times.

This opportunity from the WRC is the chance to level the playing field. To push wide the door that drivers have been prying open. To gain access to the training, the people, the resources that can make a world champion athlete.

There is no gender bias in a car – it is part of what makes our sport such a great one. But when a door slams in the face of a female driver that would otherwise be open to a male one, it is clear that a change must be made.

There are women in our sport that are setting records. This is an opportunity to bring them to the headline of the story, to provide the training that is otherwise inaccessible, and to build the foundation and the stepping stones for a world champion. No matter who they are under the helmet.

We, at DirtFish Women in Motorsport, are proud to support the WRC’s initiative globally as we continue to build the same foundations and support systems locally as well.

This is only the beginning, and as women are granted the opportunity to be in the same seat, under the same helmet, they’ll show just how much potential lives in that car.


DirtFish Women in Motorsport is proud to support the WRC’s initiative