Rallycross’s Magic Weekend ‘open for every nationality’

Sweden's unique approach to the coronavirus outbreak means foreign drivers can enter RallyX Nordic's opener

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The revived Magic Weekend at Höljes in July will be “open for every nationality” amid strict health and safety measures, according to event coordinator and Olsbergs MSE team owner Andréas Eriksson.

Announced last week by RallyX Nordic promoter RX Promotion, a four-day ‘all-star’ event will take place on the weekend of July 2-5 at the Swedish venue alongside the opening two rounds of the Nordic series.

Olsbergs ran a ‘test event’ prior to the announcement, under supervision from local authorities and government figures to assess the feasibility of hosting further races, and Eriksson is confident sufficient measures are in place to make the Magic Weekend a success.

“The RX Quarantine Shootout was all a test to see what we were allowed to do,” Eriksson told DirtFish.

“We had the police authorities at Höljes to keep an eye on us, to see if we were doing everything right, we had medical care, we had the Swedish federation, government people here.

“So, going forward here, we know what it takes to run an event and that is what we are aiming for.”

While strict social distancing and travel restrictions implemented due to the global coronavirus pandemic have affected the international racing calendar so far in 2020, Eriksson remains confident that non-Swedish entries can compete in the Magic Weekend, even if it means having to quarantine after the event.

“The thing with Sweden now is that, everyone can come here, we have a lot of safety measures to make sure that everyone is safe,” he added.

“The Magic Weekend is open to every nationality that wants to compete. I don’t know if people need to be in quarantine when they go back to their home countries, but if this is the case, then it means we need to make this event really good!


Photo: Red Bull Content Pool/Jaanus Ree

“We have a lot of cars and, obviously, a lot of drivers come for this weekend normally, because it’s part of the world championship and you can still travel between Norway and Sweden.

“It looks like it’s [some] small rules for Swedes going to Finland but between Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it looks okay. Everyone can come to Sweden from any European country.”

Public mass gatherings in Sweden of more than 50 people have been banned since March 29, meaning no fans are permitted to attend, with organizers instead opting to enhance media coverage around the weekend to give them an immersive experience.

“It’s the Indy 500 of rallycross, and with Lohéac cancelled, that’s the second biggest event,” Eriksson said.

“In Sweden, we’ve been quite open but in terms of crowds, I don’t see how we can allow any more than 500 people at the [private] event.

“At the Shootout, there was 50. But regardless of whether it’s 50 or 500, it will work.”