DRR and JC to run four electric cars in Nitro RX

Continuing its partnership in Supercars last year, DRR and JC have expanded their Nitro Rallycross program into Group E


Dreyer & Reinbold Racing and JC Raceteknik will run a four car assault in Nitro Rallycross’ Group E category.

The partnership is a continuation of one that began last year, with JC helping to run DRR’s two-car Supercar team for the first full Nitro RX season. Last year JC itself was also aligned with world championship-winning team EKS, although both of those have since parted ways.

“I’m very excited about the partnership with DRR, Group E, and the electric era that is coming to Nitro Rallycross,” said JC Raceteknik boss Joel Christoffersson,

“I feel we will have a very strong team together with DRR. We are aiming high and trying to reach the highest amount of success possible.


“I believe this will make Nitro Rallycross even more exciting with cars that are the same for every driver. It is up to the team and the driver to achieve the best results.”

The marriage between Indianapolis-based DRR and JC in Sweden will help the team properly tackle Nitro RX’s new global schedule with 40% of the 2022-23 season set to take place outside of North America.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Joel Christoffersson and his entire team for our FC1-X program moving forward,” said DRR owner Dennis Reinbold.

“Joel and his team are a perfect fit for our organization and goals within Nitro Rallycross, as we share the same vision, goals and objectives for our team and our growth within this new era of global Nitro Rallycross competition.

“We partnered with Joel and his organization in 2021, and have continued through the offseason and have hit the ground running. We’re looking forward to a successful season both on- and off-track.”

DRR has extensive experience in the second tier of US rallycross, taking Cabot Bigham to the 2016 Global Rallycross Lites title, and having at least one car in the top-three of the standings every year since. Last year Sage Karam finished second in NRX Next, claiming five wins from nine starts.

It also ran in Supercars for the first time, with Bigham driving alongside four-time champion Tanner Foust in a pair of Audi S1s.