How Nitro RX is tweaking its format for round two

New race length for semifinals, plus tweaks to how grids for those races are set, will be introduced this weekend


Nitro Rallycross will introduce changes to its competition format from this weekend’s second round at ERX Motor Park.

Both semifinals will now be four laps long, down from six at the Utah season opener last weekend.

The way the grids for those semifinals will be set has also been tweaked.

Starting grid will be allocated on a driver’s finishing position in the heat race, with odd- and even-numbered finishing positions allocated to different semifinals. The third-place finisher in heat one will start first in semifinal one ahead of fourth place from heat two, fifth in heat one, sixth in heat two and so on.


The opposite pattern will be applied to the second semifinal – with the third-place finisher from heat two lining up ahead of the fourth-place finisher from heat one.

The top two finishers from each heat will still progress straight to the final, as was the case at the season opener.

In the last chance qualifier, third-place finishers in the semifinal will start on the front row, with fourth-place finishers on the second row, and so on. Fastest times from one-lap qualifying will determine which of the drivers to achieve the same semifinal finishing position starts ahead of the other.

In Nitro RX Next, practice groups will be decided by a random draw, as is the case with Supercars.

The rest of the format for the development class will remain the same as rounds one and two – with it continuing to be a double-header format for the weekend. Supercars will keep one full championship round per event.