Pastrana parts ways with Red Bull

The reigning Nitro RX and ARA driver has agreed a new partnership with Black Rifle Coffee Company

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Reigning Nitro Rallycross and American Rally Association National champion Travis Pastrana has signed an “exclusive” sponsorship deal with the Black Rifle Coffee Company, bringing an end to his long-standing relationship with energy drinks giant Red Bull.

It’s not the first time both sides have gone their separate ways as Pastrana first left the Red Bull fold in 2016 in favor of an exclusive deal with the Nitro Circus brand, although he was back wearing Red Bull colors seemingly before the conclusion of his three-year Nitro Circus agreement.

Pastrana and BRCC’s relationship isn’t a new one, however, as it stretches back some 10 years. In that time both parties have worked together on a number of projects, including the 2015 film Action Figures and its 2018 sequel.

BRCC also helped fund elements of Pastrana’s 2020 Gymkhana film, shot in his hometown of Annapolis, Maryland, and traveled with Pastrana to Puerto Rico to help with the rebuilding process in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“I’ve been good friends with a lot of the Black Rifle crew for the last ten years,” said Pastrana. “They have supported me in a lot of the fun projects over the past few years, like bringing Pilot X with a minigun for us to jump a dirt bike over for the movie, ‘Action Figures’, and paying their own way to fly down and help rebuild with us in Puerto Rico after the Hurricane.

“If it’s fun or it puts a smile on someone’s face, Black Rifle is in. They truly are America’s Coffee. Doing great things for local communities while pushing the envelope of entertainment. Sleep when you’re dead, drink coffee now…this is going to be an amazing ride!”


Aside from its endeavours with Pastrana, BRCC is no stranger to motorsport. The veteran-led company has been a primary sponsor of Noah Gragson in the NASCAR Xfinity series since 2020, and has also sponsored Dave ‘Texas Dave’ Carapetyan in US rallying, as well as off-road racers BJ Baldwin and Kyle Craft.

Company co-founder Jarred Taylor took part in One Lap of America alongside Nitro Rallycross regular Steve Arpin in 2019 too.

“Travis brings excitement everywhere he goes. His abilities on a bike, in a car, or under canopy have solidified him as one of the most iconic action sports stars that has ever been,” said BRCC CEO Evan Hafer.

“The son of a marine, competitive and driven, Travis is an amazing addition to the BRCC family.

“From watching his wild stunts while on deployment to becoming friends with him, we couldn’t be happier to officially partner with him and help make some truly amazing content. With everything we have planned this year and beyond, it’s a dream come true!”

BRCC was recently valued at approximately $1.7 billion following its merger with SilverBox Engaged Merger Corporation, ahead of it going public.

Words:Dominik Wilde