Lucy Block to take on Pikes Peak in honor of Ken

Both Lucy and Lia Block will be in attendance at the famous event


In honor of her late husband Ken, Lucy Block will take on the world-famous Pikes Peak International Hillclimb next month, driving a Sierra Cars Echo EV.

Block, who is competing on this weekend’s Oregon Trail Rally in the American Rally Association, has never done Pikes Peak before, but will be joined by 16-year-old daughter Lucy at the event as she’ll pilot the Porsche 911 Hoonipigasus her father was supposed to drive in a demonstration run.

Lucy will compete in the Unlimited class on the June 25 event.

“My biggest accomplishments have always been being a mother to my kids and a strong, supportive wife,” Block said.

“Being given the opportunity to drive to the summit for Ken at Pikes Peak is an honor. He gave so much to the action sports community.

“Driving Pikes Peak International Hill Climb gives us a way to carry Ken’s spirit forward and do something he was excited to do himself.

“We are eager to be able to use this opportunity to create awareness around 43 Institute, and celebrate my husband’s love for motorsports and innovation.”

Sierra Cars founder Cole Powelson added: “Shortly after Ken’s passing, I was speaking with Lucy and realized how important it was to her that she remains in motorsports with her family.

“Getting Lucy involved at Pikes Peak seemed like the place where we could make the most positive impact.

“Standing on the summit of Pikes Peak on race day is one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever known. To be able to share that with Lucy and Lia is the thing I’m looking forward to most this year.”

The Block family are also working closely with Sierra Cars and Hypercraft – which supplied the electric-drive system for the Echo EV Lucy will compete in – to raise money for The 43 Institute.

Set up shortly after Ken’s passing in January, The 43 Institute is a non-profit organization aiming to carry forward Ken’s legacy while simultaneously supporting those pursuing a career in the creative industries.

Seven ‘Block Edition’ versions of the Echo EV will be sold with the aim of collecting $43,000 for The 43 Institute.

The special edition vehicles will be identical in specification to the one Lucy will race at Pikes Peak, featuring the same tribute livery graphics. Each car will be hand-signed by the Block family too.


Words:Luke Barry