Air slayed, the world’s best Subaru lands at SummerFest

Vermont SportsCar created a work of art for Travis Pastrana, come see it at SummerFest

Airslayer jump 060723

Sara Price and Brandon Semenuk, don’t take this personally. We love you here at DirtFish, you know that. But we’ve kind of saved the best for last in our build up to SummerFest on Saturday.

Say hello to VT20g. Airslayer to her friends.

If this isn’t Vermont SportsCar’s finest hour, it has to be close. This isn’t so much a Subaru as a work of art. It’s not so much a work of art as a masterpiece.

And, as is the case with anything Leonardo crafted or Vincent created, such seminal moments aren’t often found in full public view. Which is just one more reason why you have to come to SummerFest on Saturday. It’s at our place, the Fish.

Airslayer boat jump 060723

You know the score by now: doors open at midday and stay that way until 3pm. As well as one of the world’s best off-roaders in Sara and our defending American champ Brandon, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on.

You can go super-sideways with a thrill ride or you can go anywhere with the advice of those off-road experts Avants. On top of that, there’s the best pizzas, burgers and burritos in the world (that’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it) and, of course, we’ve got the coolest beer garden partner in Volition.

Seriously, you need to rethink your Saturday if it doesn’t have SummerFest front and center.

Anyway, back to Airslayer.

For the last three and a bit decades, Subaru’s been pretty handy at building blown, four-wheel-drive machinery which can go from A to B at warp factor 10. World titles for Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Petter Solberg are testament to that.

Its cars were good. The Impreza 555 was ahead of its time; the WRC2001 was a game changer in so many ways and the Solberg WRC2003 was the best of best.

Or so we thought.

Three years ago, some of motorsport’s finest engineering brains got together in Vermont and created a monster. It’s what Vermont SportsCar does – especially when it sits down and partners with Subaru Motorsports USA.

VT20g, the car that will sit before you on Saturday, is the result.

On paper the 2.3-liter engine is… well, it’s just that: the same groovy-sounding four-cylinder boxer generations have grown up loving. In the flesh, it’s been given the full VSC treatment with a monstrous Garrett blower bolted to the side to generate enough power and torque to stop the world turning when it Tarmac launches on sticky slicks.

This is the most advanced Subaru ever built. David Evans

Created for Travis Pastrana’s lead role in Gymkhana 2020, the Airslayer spent plenty of time in a wind tunnel. If you’ve seen this thing jump a river and take off at 150mph, you’ll know the time spent in the tube wasn’t all about downforce. This is the most advanced Subaru ever built.

Come say hello to the world’s wildest STI. And that’s saying something.

Even when it’s standing still, it has the look of something seconds away from going ballistic.

Done checking out VT20g? Have you seen her transport here? Go check out Subaru’s Expo trailer. It’s wild.

Welcome to SummerFest.