The legend of Hannu Mikkola: told through his sons

Vesa and Juha Mikkola drove the 1983 world champion's car at Goodwood last year - and shared memories of their dad

When Vesa and Juha Mikkola came to Goodwood’s Festival of Speed last year, it was for one reason: to drive Audi’s original rally-redefining, all-conquering quattro up the hill.

To drive their dad’s car.

We gave them another reason. Or DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer did. Would they like to talk about their dad? Their memories of Hannu at home. Of the world champion they knew. The mentor and driver. Yes, they would.

And would Steve like to conduct the interview? Yes, he very much would.

The Mikkolas were perfect company. And the big thing about a big interview is turning it into a conversation. That’s where the skill sits, using your passion to bring out the emotion. Chapeau, Mr R. You nailed it.

This is the result. Sit back and enjoy an entertaining, insightful and emotional half-hour of rallying.