How DirtFish moves on from Women’s Month

Our Women in Motorsport push is far from over. We've got some exciting news - and dates - for you!

WiM Summit Top 10-13

Somehow, March has come to an end. Our Women’s Month festivities are winding down but we want to make one thing very clear: we are not done.

The purpose of DirtFish Women’s Month was always far greater than a one-time celebration. Our mantra has been to empower women to join the sport, and to celebrate the ones who already have, and this is now an integral part of our internal narrative.

The journey continues.

We will continue to share the powerful stories of Women in Motorsport through the ‘WiM’ tab on DirtFish, and I’m also very excited to announce that we have decided to add three more All-Women’s Driving Days to our calendar!

These will take place on June 26 (RWD), August 28 (AWD), and December 18 (RWD). If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get sideways alongside other amazing women, this is your chance. And if you’ve already taken one of our classes and want to come back, why not?! Try a different drivetrain!

We continue developing internally to permanently and consciously empower the women in our sport through race coverage, website content, and of course, a repeat of Women’s Month annually.

We are so grateful for all of your participation thus far, and we absolutely cannot wait to see how we can help change the world of rally for the better.