Meet the DirtFish Team: Kelley Clausen-Walters

As guest services coordinator, Kelley's role is instrumental in keeping the whole show together

No slick and successful operation is complete without outstanding people working seamlessly to make it happen. Kelley Clausen-Walters is one of our unsung heroes at DirtFish, acting as the glue that keeps the show together.

Describing herself as “a wildcard in the company”, Kelley’s role as guest services coordinator keeps her extremely busy: greeting customers and clients, coordinating arrangements for the School’s classes, helping with merchandise and generally just mucking in to help any individual or department that needs it.

Thriving around people and feeding off everyone’s passion for rallying, Kelley’s energy is unrivalled and dedication to her job unmatched.

“Kelley is a recent addition to DirtFish, but we feel like she’s been here forever,” says DirtFish director of operations Sami Dallas.

“Her natural presence makes everyone, visitors and staff alike, feel welcome, and she has an incredible ability of turning anyone into a friend!

“We are so lucky to have her as one of the ‘faces of DirtFish’ and our days are always made better by her being in them.”

Meet Kelley – and find out more about her brindle dog Mud! – in the latest of our ‘Meet the Team’ videos. To get to know more of our team, hit the subscribe button on YouTube to catch each episode when it drops every Wednesday.