Meet the DirtFish Team: Kendra Miller

One of our newest instructors on the team has proven to be the Swiss army knife of the DirtFish team

Meet Kendra Miller. Kendra is one of our ultra-talented instructors at the school and takes great pleasure in watching students develop their talent and find their limits when out on course.

“What I love most about working at DirtFish, besides getting to play with rally cars all day, is helping people find success and gain confidence through advancing their skills and driving,” she explains.

“The most important thing about the DirtFish customer experience for me is they have a great time and come away feeling a bit more knowledgable and confident in their driving skills.”

Kendra’s skill behind the wheel, and ability to coach from the other side of the car, make her a valuable asset to the DirtFish team.

WiM Summit Top 10-15

“While newer to the instructor squad, Kendra has jumped in with all the enthusiasm of a proper rallyist, and has rapidly become the Swiss Army knife of the group,” says lead instructor, Nate Tennis.

“She has a fun attitude and is willing to help with whatever crazy task needs finishing, the hallmark of our DirtFish team.”

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