Extreme E enters gaming scene with Forza Horizon

All-electric off-road series partners with Xbox game, which will feature dedicated seasonal Playlist races


It may be a little over nine weeks until the next Extreme E race, September’s Copper X-Prix in Chile, but the all-electric off-road series is heading to the Americas a little sooner – at least virtually – with a little help from Forza Horizon 5.

Available from July 19, players of the popular Xbox game, which has become the official gaming partner of Extreme E, will be able to get their hands on all 10 Odyssey 21s as part of Season 10 of Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist.

And it’s not just a case of dropping the race car into Horizon 5’s extensive in-game Mexico-based world either. The latest round of the Playlist itself has been adapted with Extreme E in mind, with new challenges and seasonal events taking inspiration from the real-world series.


Events will take place across Horizon’s Mexico map, tackling different terrains and environments within the in-game world each week – the Summer ‘Island X Prix’ season, will feature a race along the east coast by Playa Azul. The Autumn ‘Energy X Prix’ will include a race to the city of Guanajuato; Winter takes inspiration from the upcoming ‘Copper X Prix’ with a canyon race; while the Spring finale will take players through Baja in Dunas Blancas for a ‘Desert X Prix’.

“This partnership between Extreme E and the Forza franchise has brought the Championship to a new platform and audience,” said Ali Russell, chief marketing officer at Extreme E. “It has been great to work together to bring the Extreme E Odyssey 21 e-SUV to Forza Horizon 5 players who are enthusiastic about electric vehicles.

“We are excited for more people to see what electric vehicles are capable of and showcase the series in a new light.”

As well as the cars, players will also get access to Extreme E-inspired race suits and themed collectibles, while the game’s environment will also include Extreme E billboards and race dressing.


The partnership is a two-way one as well, with Forza Horizon 5 also being showcased at Extreme E races going forward for drivers, series staff, and invited guests to enjoy.

“Turn 10 and the rest of the team behind the Forza games have worked hard to make this game as authentic and accessible as possible,” added Russell. “Being a part of the largest and most comprehensive Horizon game so far is incredible for our Championship, and gives Forza’s audience an opportunity to get behind the wheel of our Odyssey 21s and experience the capability of our series first hand.

“We are excited to collaborate with such a forward-thinking group and look forward to seeing the uplifting impact on both of our communities.”


Tanner Foust, a long-time Forza ambassador and current McLaren Extreme E driver, believes the cars will prove a hit with players.

“It’s great to hear that two forward thinking and innovative groups like Extreme E and Forza are partnering to bring the experience of driving the Odyssey to more people around the world,” he said. “I’ve been an ambassador and partner with Forza for more than a decade and am constantly amazed by the driving experiences you can have in the games.

“The capability and speed of the Odyssey 21 will be something the Forza fans will absolutely love!”