The roughest rally in America took no prisoners

Olympus Rally was packed with stories of trials and triumph. On this week's SPIN, The Rally Pod we look at the best of them


Everything that makes rallying the best sport in the world was on display at the Olympus Rally.

It was rough and tough – around half the field didn’t make it to the end of day one. There was confusion over whether the now-iconic Ferrari-engined Subaru driven by Sam Albert had rolled in the middle of a stage (it hadn’t – but more on that later).

And then there were the good news stories, with arch-rivals helping one another to reach the finish and the creativity of the entrants and the unusual builds they rocked up in on display.

On the latest episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod, program operations director Nate Tennis, lead instructor Jack Harrison and the face of ARA coverage Brenten Kelly talk everything Olympus – plus a few interesting stories of why certain parts of the country are lacking historic rally cars, how a competitor’s visit to DirtFish Rally School helped him iron out a mistake that had previously been haunting him.

Listen below or via your favorite podcast platform.