Watch Breen compete in virtual Escort rally

The Suirway Mk2 Escort Challenge will be the Irishman's first rally in over 100 days

Craig Breen will start a rally for the first time in 106 days later on Tuesday, when he virtually fires fuel into a Millington engine and crosses the ramp for the Suirway Mk2 Escort Challenge.

And the good news for DirtFish fans is that you can tune in to all the action live right here later this evening. The even better news is that you could actually be competing against Breen next time he takes to the Mk2 (Breen’s car pictured above, left) courtesy of a competition to win a fully built simulator rig worth €2000. Fanatec and are giving away one complete set-up for one lucky fan to start competing.

All you have to do is subscribe to Digital-Motorsports’ YouTube channel and to the mailing list, then post a comment on their livestream explaining why you think you should win.

The winner will be selected and announced during the stream.

Looking forward to start the two-stage event, Breen told DirtFish: “We had a bit of a test – with the stream, not the car – on Monday and it worked a treat.

“I still can’t believe what these boys have been able to do with the physics of the thing. Watching it back, it’s hard to believe it’s a game; the noise, the way the car moves about on the brakes, everything, it’s mad!

“The attention to detail in the car’s just immense as well. Everything is there when you look under the bonnet, all the branding, everything is just perfect: the loom, the airbox, everything.

“Somebody has put some serious time into making this car just exactly right. Somebody’s put the same level of detail into a virtual car that we put into our rally cars and I love that. I love the detail and the effort that’s gone in.”

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The start list is being finalized through today, but one driver worth watching after Breen’s #1 Escort will be Esports World Rally Champion Jon Armstrong.

“The competition will be close,” said Breen, “and Jon’s bound to be right in there.”

The action starts at 8pm Irish and UK time or midday Pacific Time.