DirtFish announces partnership with eWRC‑results

Popular results platform forms exciting association to aid rally experience for fans across the globe


DirtFish Media is delighted to announce an all-new partnership with global rally results platform eWRC.

The association between DirtFish.com and eWRC-results.com will ensure greater visibility and useability for both sites, while cementing them at the very heart of the worldwide rallying community.

eWRC-results.com and DirtFish.com will retain their independence, but include crossover content to drive and enhance the user journey on both platforms.

DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer said: “Like so many people in our world, I’m a very regular visitor to eWRC. When the site was taken down for financial reasons in February, we had to do something.


“The results service Tomáš [Wanka, eWRC owner] and his team provides is second to none. The speed and delivery of stage times from around the world is astonishing and the value of eWRC-results.com was all the more obvious when we were left without it for the duration of Rally Sweden.

“For those reasons, I’m delighted we’ve been able to reach an agreement with Tomáš to help safeguard the future of eWRC. We’re looking forward to an exciting future serving the sport on a daily – and hourly – basis.

“But don’t forget, DirtFish’s core business is the Rally School. For more than a decade here in Seattle, we’ve been building what we believe to be the world’s finest experience on four wheels. DirtFish Media was formed in 2020 to help tell our story around the world. That voice just got even louder.”

As well as continuing to serve millions unique visitors each year, DirtFish Media will shine a light on the commercial opportunities available across both platforms.

“eWRC alone generated 145 million page views in the last 12 months, engaging rally fans for hours on end around the world,” said Steve. “Put DirtFish.com’s engagement numbers on top of those and you have a very serious proposition for stakeholders across the sport and around the world to connect with the rallying community.

“We will unveil a range of consumer engagement opportunities across both sites, from homepage and full site takeovers to the more bespoke, targeted campaigns.

“DirtFish and eWRC combined provides a hugely powerful voice in our world.”


Tomáš is similarly enthusiastic about the future.

He added: “It was really a difficult decision to take the site down in February. But we had to. We were looking for a strong partner and we had no more options.

“DirtFish’s response was very quick and their interest was really great – we had many fans writing to us telling us a partnership with DirtFish would be best. We agreed. DirtFish is the right choice for us.

“Like Steve said, the future is very exciting. We have lots of plans for the years coming.”

Both DirtFish and eWRC want to thank former Hyundai Motorsport team principal Andrea Adamo for his work in bringing the deal together.

Tomáš added: “I especially want to thank Andrea for his work in bringing the deal together. He’s the same, like all of us, this sport is his life.”

Site representation can be found across both platforms from this week, but stay tuned to DirtFish.com and eWRC-results.com for exciting developments and opportunities in the future.

Words:DirtFish Media