The rallying gem hidden in plain sight

Situated on the outskirts of Chichester is an Aladdin's cave, also known as Rally Replay

Chichester’s a lovely place at the best of times, but this weekend it’s even more lovely. For one week only, you’ll find a stunning collection of rally cars in the heart of the Festival of Speed action at the Forest Rally Stage – in partnership with DirtFish.

For one week only?

That’s not strictly true. Chichester might be best known for the world’s most famous hill, but it’s also the year-round home for some exquisite rallying hardware. If you find yourself sitting in traffic on the A27 this week, as you approach the roundabout with the road to Bognor Regis, take a look to your left and you’ll likely spot something Italian and something very, very fever.

Rally Replay is home to some of the best examples of ex-factory rally cars from down the decades. But it’s about more than that, there are services barges, race suits, wings and things and a mean cup of coffee.

DirtFish’s Rob Hansford had a look around and recommends you make time in your week to do the same.