America gets WRC Promoter push

The WRC Promoter set out its plans for the future of the WRC, with America front and center

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America’s return to the World Rally Championship has been placed at the heart of the series promoter’s strategy.

Rally USA’s Chattanooga-based exhibition event will run on June 14-16, with a calendar slot now understood to be reserved for 2026.

WRC Promoter’s American plans were part of a wider presentation in Matosinhos, Portugal on Saturday morning.

The promoter issued the following statement to DirtFish: “WRC Promoter has today presented a clear promotional strategy to a key stakeholder group of the FIA World Rally Championship, including the FIA, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Stellantis and Škoda.

“The meeting was held in a collaborative and constructive environment, with all parties providing contributions. The group is aligned in the overall goals to boost the profile of the world’s premier rally championship.

“Key elements presented by the WRC Promoter were: a clear roadmap to a USA event in 2026 that includes direct investment and involvement in event promotion from WRC Promoter.


A candidate event will take place at Tennessee Rally USA next month in preparation for the USA to join the WRC calendar soon after

“WRC Promoter will aim to increase attendance at WRC events through developing the on-site fan experience.

“A clear activation plan with a variety of direct actions and investments in social and digital media.”

Sources in the meeting admitted progress was made, but added: “We have heard a lot of words, but now we need to see some action. Like we know and like we said for a long time, America is super-important for the championship – but we have been talking about this for a long time.

“The same for the profile of the championship. We need to tell people about our sport. It was nice to hear the words, the ideas, now we need to see the action.”

DirtFish is pursuing reaction to the meeting from manufacturers and world motrosport’s governing body, the FIA.