Carpool Rallyoke with Esapekka Lappi

Today's episode features Finnish sweets, music and rally drivers

Esapekka Lappi is enjoying a quiet moment of nostalgia. He’s sitting down, looking over the Killeri superspecial stage where he came to watch as a child, 19 years ago.

Unfortunately what he saw was a moment Finland would rather forget as Subaru driver Mikko Hirvonen crashed out, but escapism is ideal for Lappi as he builds himself up for the intensity of Rally Finland week.

But, suddenly, the distinctive bellow of Colin Clark interrupts this peace.

“For f*** sake, you always find me,” said Lappi.

“I do!” grinned Clark, “but now that I’m here, shall I give you a lift?”

Welcome to episode three of Carpool Rallyoke. Be a fly on the windshield as Lappi drives Clark around the Finnish countryside, revealing secrets of his career to date and bopping along to one of the most famous dance tracks that Clark reckons should be Lappi’s new pre-powerstage pump-up song.

And in a moment of irony, Lappi finally gets his wish of peace and quiet, but rather unexpectedly and suddenly. Make sure you’re watching until the very end to see how.