Dear Škoda: make this concept a real rally car

When we saw the pictures of Škoda's Enyaq RS Race concept we had only one thought: WRC 2027


Dear Mr Hrabánek,

How are you? Sorry to interrupt your planning for Portugal, but having seen your latest work today, we felt we really had to reach out.

The Škoda Enyaq RS Race. Love it. (Would love it even more if it was called the Škoda Enyaq RS Rally/Rallye, but that’s by the by.) Now, we have a plan and the good news for you is that you’re kind of halfway there already.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Are you looking at the 2027 World Rally Championship and thinking: “We’re back…”


I know you haven’t really gone anywhere – seven drivers’ titles in eight years is a solid nod to Škoda’s outstanding commitment to this great sport of ours. But enough with the class wins, the Škoda Enyaq RS Rally (oops) is already an absolute winner in the design stage.

Remember what David Richards told Peter Stevens he wanted from Subaru’s very first World Rally Car back in 1997? He told him he wanted the car to look like it was doing 100mph while it was sitting in the car park.

You’ve done that. Or Daniel has. And Daniel, to those who haven’t met him yet, is Daniel Petr, the genius driving the pen on the Škoda Enyaq RS Rally (we might as well stick with it now). I like him.

“It’s already fast on the paper and that’s a good start,” he said.

We agree. Very much.

You’ve based it on the Enyaq RS Coupé, then widened and lowered the chassis, fitted different suspension and bigger wheels. The fenders are wider, more aggressive and looking lovely. And we like the wing mirrors. Very RS Rally2. And a very big thanks for that rear wing. It’s a stunner.

Very rally car inside too, with just the two seats (another reason for updating that word ‘Race’). I’m sure you’ll agree, Mr H, this one has to be bound for the stage. And, don’t forget, the stage is set in 2027.

I know there’s a wee bit of kerfuffle going on about the next couple of years in the WRC, but looking beyond that, the 2027 regulations are where it’s at. Wouldn’t you agree? Internal combustion, sustainable fuel, EVs, hybrids, maybe even a bit of hydrogen… everything is on the table and open.



And, don’t forget, you could actually be running your 2027 Rally1 car in whatever configuration you want in 2026 as a test season. No points, mind. That would be having your honey cake and eating it.

Given that you’re running the Škoda Enyaq RS Rally with the 220kW LiOn battery offering 295bhp, I’d ask Daniel and his tech mates to give the motor a bit of a tickle and see if you can’t tease a bit more out of her, but that’s not far off what you’ll be needing in 2027.

And it’s four-wheel drive. Everyone’s a winner.

Seriously though, this thing is an absolute stunner – and perfectly demonstrates how motorsport science benefits life on the road. Like you say, it’s not just a design study, it’s coming to the road. And if it’s coming to the road, it would be a terrible shame not to send it to the right roads!

See you in 2027? Fingers crossed.

Team DirtFish.