McKlein gallery: The top 10 views from Fafe’s famed jump

The iconic crest is a fertile place for a photographer's imagination

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Rally Portugal’s first forays into the Fafe region were in 1974, but without the big jump. This all changed in 1984, when the crest at the end of the stage was first used. Forevermore this has simply been known as the Fafe jump, famed by Reinhard Klein’s photographs of airborne Group B cars, with parting crowds in the landingzone.

Latterly, the safety (Rally Portugal’s perennial Achilles heel) has been transformed, but so too has the commercialisation of Fafe and the landscape with the addition of a wind farm. Suspension technology and travel has also moved on and the jumps just get higher and longer. We’ve photographed the Fafe jump in all weathers and all lighting, with Group B, Group A and WRC cars providing the action. Heres a selection of our favourites.