Podcast: Memories of McRae’s title-winning RAC drive

The DirtFish team share personal, and professional, insight on what made the 1995 RAC Rally so special


Today marks 53 years since the late Colin McRae was born. As we remember the 1995 world champion, have a listen to one of our podacsts centered on that epic Rally GB weekend, first published on the 25th anniversary of it last November.

As you might have gathered, this week’s all about 1995, so the Spin team focus on what happened on the RAC Rally 25 years ago.

As Toyota’s team manager George Donaldson wasn’t as busy as he might have been, but David Evans – and his father – were chasing Colin McRae up and down the country and, on occasion, nearly knocking the great Scot over as he tried to get into his own motorhome.

As ever, it’s well worth a listen with Colin Clark’s fascinating insight and Lisa O’Sullivan reminding us there was a film centred on a swashbuckling Scot who took on all comers and won released in 1995. But there was only one true Braveheart.

Mel who?


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