Podcast: The season starts here

This week's SPIN, The Rally Pod discusses Monte Carlo Rally testing, the traditional start to the season


Austria’s Jänner Rallye provided a snowy start to 2024 last weekend, while the stars of rally-raid have descended on Saudi Arabia to slug it out on the desert-based Dakar.

But for many World Rally Championship aficionados, the season truly kicks off with testing for the Monte Carlo Rally.

That is the main theme for this week’s edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod. George Donaldson and James Bowen join David Evans to discuss the keys to success on the WRC’s iconic season-opener.

We have tales of Monte testing past, which could last for weeks, as well as mid-event recces! There’s even a suggestion for how teams could make greater use of technology in the current era of severely-restricted testing.

Dakar devotees, fear not – we have you covered too. Colin Clark joins the team from Saudi Arabia to provide an insight into the conditions crews are facing on the marathon event.