Podcast: Turkey, safety and stage-end conviviality

The podcast gang return with Rally Turkey chat, a look at stage safety and what makes a good stage-end interview

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It’s back! After a small hiatus, SPIN The Rally Pod has returned with ‘voice of rally’ Colin Clark, senior staff writer David Evans and George ‘the boxer’ Donaldson all joined by regular host Lisa O’Sullivan.

There’s plenty to discuss with the team back together for the time in a while, and they reminisce about the recent Rally Turkey where Donaldson joined Clark and Evans on the ground.

The podcast was recorded before Ypres’ cancellation was confirmed, meaning the gang is in preview mode for the Belgian classic but well aware it could be canceled. The treacherous nature of the stages that were anticipated sparks an insightful discussion about when stages are safe to run and when perhaps drivers claim they’re not in order to prevent a sporting disadvantage.

Clark also has a bone to pick with the increasing brevity of stage-end interviews in the WRC, which you can also read more about on DirtFish.  The feeling is the viewers aren’t being offered as much as they used to. Do you agree? Clark recalls his best tales from the stage end and sparks a conversation about the different characters the WRC has, and needs.

Hit play to have a listen to the full podcast, and get your fingers at the ready to debate the points our trio of pundits raise on social media!